Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pritchett a feel-good story

We've all heard the too-good-to-be-true-but-really-is-true tales of Kurt Warner working at the grocery store before deciding he should go win a Super Bowl for the St. Louis Rams.

Well how about a defensive lineman who didn't even play football his final two years of high school in Santa Rosa, worked at Office Depot and as a shuttle driver at a car rental place for a couple years, then went to Santa Rosa Junior College and started playing football again while still working as a bouncer at all odd hours of the morning and losing 50 pounds in the midst of it? That guy is Donnie Pritchett, who's expected to sign a national letter of intent Wednesday to play football for Pat Hill and Fresno State.

D-line was a gigantic weakness for the 'Dogs last season, and Hill has pulled out all stops to address it. Pritchett, a JC player who's been out of high school four years, might offer the most immediate solution. Hill sometimes gets criticized by local armchair quarterbacks for not going after enough JC guys, so you know he's serious about a guy when he does go after one. And -- hopefully -- this'll shush those fans who want all JUCOs all the time.

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