Saturday, June 27, 2009

And the next Fresno State number to be retired is...

A great point brought up recently on the Bark Board by "fsudog86" -- it's long overdue that Fresno State retired Lorenzo Neal's number. Neal wasn't a first-round draft pick like former teammate Trent Dilfer, but Dilfer's was retired years ago. And even David Carr's is already retired.

Neal has had a long NFL career that's proven him the best fullback in NFL history. Seems like merit enough to me. Not to mention how he carried 3-5 USC players on his back at all times in the Bulldogs' 24-7 Freedom Bowl win over the Trojans in 1992.

So we ask you, the fans and blog readers, which Fresno State athletes most deserve to have their numbers retired? It doesn't have to be just football -- any sport?

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