Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When restaurants get irritating

Are you like me? Do you love to support the Fresno area's local restaurants? I try to go local as much as possible (and it helps that my favorites are unique to Fresno).

But you know what's irritating? When local businesses put up decor of non-local schools. Case in point -- I went to the new Red Zone Sports Grill shortly after it opened and vowed not to go back until the nean USC sign near the bar is removed. Yes, there's also a Fresno State neon sign, but why have the USC one at all? Do you think bars in LA have Fresno State neon signs?

We all know how great Dog House Grill is, but what's with the Cal football jersey on the wall? The fact that it's former Clovis High standout Zack Follett's jersey doesn't ease the irritation for me. And the Jeff Garcia 49ers jersey doesn't make up for the fact Garcia is a San Jose State alum. This is flatout offensive to any Fresno State fan.

Been to Casa Corona lately? There's a painting of Pat Hill, David Carr and Tim Simons on the wall representing Fresno State. And there's plenty of old team photos and jerseys in the men's restroom, but none from other rival schools. Just another reason to love Casa...


  1. No Sh!t. I hate that. i haven't been to the red zone yet but after hearing that, i'm not going to go. It is rad that Casa Corona has a painting of the team but the only problem i have with that is that Patt Hill looks like he has Down Syndrome. I mean come on! Love the Casa Corona but don't foget about the Red Wave Inn!!

  2. It's unfortunate you would boycot a restaurant for a reason like that, but do what you must, it only opens up another table for me when I go there. Even though Follett went to Cal he is still a product of the Valley! Why can't Doghouse support both Fresno State Athletes as well as Valley Athletes? I'm a former Fresno State Athlete and it does not offend me. I think it is cool that Doghouse supports valley players and their accomplishments. I look forward to seeing a Detriot Lions jersey hanging next to Follett's Cal jersey the next time I go there too!

  3. Dear anonymous, thanks for your comment. Did you happen to go to the same high school as Follett? Are you a friend of his? I only ask because I could see where that might change your opinion on the matter.

    But as someone who doesn't know him, I look at the fact that the restaurant is called Dog House Grill and it's pretty much located right on the Fresno State campus -- wouldn't it make sense for it to be filled only with 'Dogs decor?

    As a former Fresno State athlete, I'm curious how do you feel about seeing a USC neon sign in Red Zone, or the Jeff Garcia jersey at Dog House, for example?

  4. I've never had the pleasure of meeting Follett. I'm just a fan of supporting Valley Athletes. And it doesn't bother me seeing a Jeff Garcia jersey, I'm a 49er fan. And I don't care about USC either. They got killed in the Freedom Bowl and almost lost again to State a couple years ago. Fresno State memoribilia still outnumbers everything else in the place. And the way I look at it, it's a sports bar and they show other school games on tv not just Fresno State games.

  5. In regards to the USC portion in the post above, I am on the total opposite side of the fence. I do not think there should be any SC stuff in a Fresno area bar. I think that's the difference between SC fans and Bulldog fans. SoCal wouldn't display any other California school and most of their fans would care if they did. I live in SoCal/Orange County and a majority of my friends, co-workers, and acquaintances, are SC supporters. They never support any other team in any manner. The bars that sport SC stuff rarely have any other college on their walls. I respect that and believe the same should go for Fresno area bars. Heck, people from Huntington Beach, Mission Viejo, San Bernandino, and even parts of north San Diego County wave SC flags on their houses. SC represents ALL OVER the southern part of the state. Let Fresno represent Fresno State!!!

    Now, if the owner of the bar is an SC alum then I could understand; just understand though and not agree! haha!


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