Saturday, June 13, 2009

ESPN perpetuates BCS inequity

At least that's my opinion. Have you checked out ESPN's College Football Live 50 States Tour? Apparently USC, UCLA, Cal and Stanford are the only college football teams that really matter in the Golden State.

As a Fresno State alum, I find that odd. You ask any college football guru in the state which programs are the most successful in the past decade and they'll put USC No. 1 (wonder how that NCAA investigation of Reggie Bush is going?) and then it's either Cal or Fresno State. UCLA is next and Stanford is a distant, distant fifth, just above San Jose State with San Diego State bringing up the rear.

But check out ESPN's voting polls. They ask who is the best Stanford player ever? Who's the best from USC? Cal? UCLA? And then, "Who is the best player to play college football somewhere other than Cal, UCLA, USC or Stanford? That's offensive to me. Right now Marshall Faulk is running away with victory over second place David Carr. But cramming all the non-BCS conference programs into one question while giving less talented, less successful, less prestigious programs like Stanford more attention is whack.

It's just like the college football preview magazines that write several pages on all the cheap BCS-conference teams and then put a half-page on non-BCS teams -- garbage rags. Perpetuating the inequity of college football.

If you agree with me, I say write to ESPN and let them know you don't appreciate the unequal treatment.


  1. Right on!! I'm writing those jerks as we speak. There's much more to California D1 football than just the PAC.

  2. I hate to say it but it comes down to numbers. As we as we've done the past few years, we still don't draw the numbers that PAC10 schools draw in attendance and TV ratings. Right or wrong, that's all ESPN care about. They put us on TV when they think there will be interest in seeing the Dogs...lately, Boise St, Nevada and Hawaii have stolen that thunder. Knocking off a couple of BCS teams and then falling asleep in conference play won't hold people's attention long..Hill has to win the WAC.

    That said, I did fill out their webform asking why the Dogs aren't getting any love?

    Unless they hear that there is interest in State, they'll keep focusing on the PAC10.

    Go Dogs!

  3. Hey Bulldog Bounce,

    Wanted to touch base with you guys re the rematch in Madison this coming season. Drop me a line at

    On Wisconsin!


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