Thursday, June 11, 2009

Concerned about lack of recruits in MLB draft?

If you were like me, you spent the first day of the Major League Baseball Draft hoping to not hear the names of any Fresno State signees who will be joining the Diamond 'Dogs for the 2010 season. Not 'cause you wish negativity for the newest 'Dogs to be, but because you want to see them in Fresno State uniforms instead of seeing them lured away to the minor leagues.

But, after all 50 rounds (yes, 50 rounds!) of the draft were completed, and only ONE Fresno State recruit was chosen -- there might be cause for concern.

Clay Cederquist, a Fowler High product who is one of the most exciting recruits in recent history because of his pure hitting ability, was chosen by the Seattle Mariners with the 1,373rd pick. Granted, he was injured most of his senior season at Fowler, which dropped his stock, but for the Bulldogs to not have any other signees chosen is strange.

Definitely not the norm for a Fresno State program that just last year lost star pitching recruit Graham Johnson to the draft when he was chosen in the fifth round. Especially coming from a recruiting class that is supposed to be the first result of a College World Series national championship...

You tell me. What do you think? Are you concerned about the lack of draft attention the new recruits got? Are you less optimistic on this class now? Or is it nothing to worry about?

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