Friday, July 3, 2009

Cal Poly wanna a clue?

"What the heck is this junk?"

The quotes represent the thought that immediately popped into (or out of?) my head when I read this story from the San Luis Obispo Tribune. It starts like this:

John Madden’s deepest desire for the Cal Poly football program has long been to
see it return to regularly playing and upsetting well-known California schools —
namely Fresno State, San Jose State and San Diego State — like it did when he
was a lineman for the Mustangs in 1957 and 1958.
Excuse me? Regularly beat Fresno State? Not in my lifetime.

First of all, the two teams did meet in '57 and '58, each winning once. Second of all, what qualifies as regularly? Fresno State is 30-10-2 against Cal Poly all-time. But the Mustangs have pulled off no such feat since Fresno State moved up to Division 1-A in 1980. Since '80, Fresno State is 5-0 against Cal Poly, with a combined total score of:
Bulldogs 160
Mustangs 48

Cal Poly did pretty much own the 'Dogs in the '70s but the difference between then and now with the Fresno State program is nothing short of enormous. Is anyone out there looking forward to the rebirth of the Cal Poly series in '010 at Bulldog Stadium?

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  1. Yes, but for more personal reasons


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