Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's almost here!

August is just around the corner and that means one thing (besides 100+ degree temperatures in Fresno)....... COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!

I am very excited to see what is in store for the 2009 edition of the gridiron 'Dogs (by the way what is the deal with Washington and Georgia spelling dogs ... dawgs???). It is my hope that the fans of Fresno will continue to come out and support the football program. I know, as a lifelong Bulldog fan, that year in and year out they never seem to reach their full potential but that doesn't mean that Bulldog Stadium has to be half empty on Saturdays.

I believe that it is very important that our fans come out to support the university and the players who represent our community. It would be a tremendous show of support for Fresno State, the city of Fresno and our whole valley if we had Bulldog Stadium packed out every Saturday.

Now I understand that we are in tough economic times and not everyone can afford to take their families out to a college football game but those of us who can should be out supporting our team. Those who have season tickets and know they wont be going to certain games should try and give their tickets to people who will use them.

I hope I am not coming off sounding self-righteous but I have a love for our community and for Fresno State and I just want to see Bulldog Stadium filled with red (not that crazy black-out crap they tried in '07 against Boise State) Aaaahhhhh college football is almost here.....its a great time of year!!

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  1. First off, let us take this moment to introduce the newest member of the Bulldog Bounce blog team -- 559 to the 604.

    Secondly, Georgia and Washington are supposedly elite universities that can't spell.

    Third of all, yes, by all means FILL UP BULLDOG STADIUM EVERY GAME ALL YEAR. They're already planning a "White Out" for the Boise State game, which is a terrible idea.


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