Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fresno is all the talk in Chicago these days

Sorry, but I ran across this blog and had to share. The number of Fresno references and tie-ins is just too much.

First I get peeved when this blogger compares Abilene Christian to Fresno State. Who even knows what Abilene Christian is (with all due respect)? His point is in comparing some new Chicago Bears wide receiver to former Bulldog Bernard Berrian (now with the Vikings).

Come to find out the original comparison came from Chicago Tribune writer Vaughn McClure. Oh, name sounds familar does it? That's because McClure is the former Fresno Bee beat writer for Fresno State men's basketball.

So I perused my way down to the blog comments and came across someone pumping up Heidi Watney as being "better" than Erin Andrews. Well whadaya know!? Heidi Watney is an ex-Fresno sportscaster herself, for KMPH FOX 26.

But I'm still mad about that Abilene Christian comparison...

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