Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bill Walsh

Having grown up in 49ers territory in the 1980s, we have much respect and admiration for what Bill Walsh did to help cement his sport as the new national pastime.

On a day where every newspaper in the country ran a huge obituary/tribute to the legendary football coach, it was interesting to read what the San Jose Mercury News called the highlight of his "otherwise forgettable playing career."

Playing for the eeeevil San Jose State Spartans sometime back in the 1950s, Walsh scored on a 66-yard touchdown pass against Fresno State.

To make this even more humiliating to the Bulldogs, Walsh was considered a really sorry player. Plus, this was back in the days before wide receivers were invented and the forward pass was just a fad.

Where was the defense, you Fresno State old farts?

Anyway, thanks, Bill.


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