Thursday, July 26, 2007

Home Alone: Found in Mankato

Marcus McCauley, the second former Bulldog to sign in as many days, is officially a Viking.

Mankato is the town where they do training camp, and for those who didn't get the title of the blog:

Marcus McCauley. McCauley Culkin. Home Alone. Lost in New York. Found in...

Whatever, so don't laugh. Maybe it's not that funny.

In a senior season where he was the posterboy for Fresno State's sudden sucktitude, McCauley didn't laugh much either.

He got burnt, beat, fooled, baboozled, stupefied and smoked in coverage. He lost his starting spot as well as his confidence and went from a can't-miss first-rounder to a running joke on all the postseason awards watch lists.

And whenever B.J. Anteola from the Fresno Bee wanted to do a story on how the Bulldogs weren't living up to expectations, he requested time with McCauley -- who was present and accountable every time.

Say what you want about the way he played last season, but McCauley still impressed us. He showed as much grace under fire as Simpletext has ever seen from a Fresno State athlete. He didn't quit the team. He didn't flunk out. He didn't fight the frats.

Much like Dwayne Wright, McCauley has the prototype athleticism to succeed in the NFL. And now that he suffered through the season from hell and came out clean on the other side, he'll likely cherish his NFL opportunity for what it is -- an underhyped sequel to his first box office flop.


  1. Hey SimpleText, since you're on the topic, you might as well blog about Chris Denman being the first recent 'Dog draftee to sign -- he inked with Tampa Bay late last week I believe.

  2. Hey SimpleText, you didn't need to explain the title--I got it and I'm a certified retard. Have more confidence in your ridiculous and sexy titles, as well as your readers.

  3. to kristov: my readers must be way smarter than me 'cause i reread that post and got so confused, i fell asleep.

    but it's ok 'cause when i woke up, i ate a turkey sandwhich and some of those natural cheetos. you know, the ones with less flavoring and no orange color.

    they're pretty good because you don't get the stains on your fingers. so eating them kind of made all the confusion worth while.


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