Sunday, July 29, 2007

Whatever happened to...?

From the lost files: Here's another update on a former Bulldog.

Defensive tackle Alan Harper is still playing football.

After being drafted by the Jets in 2002, Harper, one of the top defensive line prospects the school had ever had, pretty much withered in obscurity for four seasons. We didn't know if he even played a single down.

Word on the streets is he's pretty good at Arena Football, though. He's got his team in the 11th annual Arena Bowl.

Say what you want about Arena Football.

That it's...

Or it's...

Well, actually, I never hear anyone say anything about Arena Football. Do people go to the games? Are they free to get in? It must be popular somewhere because they've had 11 of these bowl games.

Anyway, kudos to Harper. Because who wouldn't want to play behind this kind of support?


  1. I actually watched an entire Arena Football game a few weeks ago. Only because it was the San Jose Sabercats , which have two former Bulldogs. Alan Harper, and former standout receiver Rodney Wright. Plus, as you gave us a great visual, they have smokin' hot cheerleaders.

    GO 'DOGS!
    GO CATS?? (that just sounds weird)

  2. i would have mentioned Wright, but the Bakersfield Californian story on him was so atrocious, I refused to link to it.

    ... That, and Wright did actually get cut from the Bills after driving drunk into a passing van, which exploded as Wright fled the scene back in 2003. Not exactly the pride and joy of Fresno.

    Plus, San Jose stinks like poo.

  3. P.S. Garrett McIntyre was also on that San Jose title team. It's actually offensive to think that San Jose is using former 'Dogs to win championships!


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