Saturday, July 28, 2007

Spoiled Children

There's a university full of 'em, or, at least that's the feeling I get every time I see someone with a USC hat or T-shirt or a bumper sticker that some jerk decides he should place on my mother's front bumper after he steals her pro-Fresno State license plate.

And being in southern California this weekend (even in San Diego) I'm seeing way too much USC gear. And after witnessing first-hand twice in my life how pompous the overwhelming majority of their fan base is, it's hard not to view all of their fans that way.

That's why I'm making it a point to wear Fresno State gear everywhere I go -- that's what we all should do!


  1. i thought this was a board about fresno state. what is this stupid post even about?

  2. I thought it was pretty obviously a post about how pompous USC fans were/are...maybe this will help clear that up?

  3. why does a bulldogs web site care about usc fans? they're not playing each other. they're not even in the same league and only a dolt would consider them rivals in any way.

  4. hey, lay off him, dude. can't you read? some usc douche stole his mom's liscense plate.

    your post should have been a rehash of that story in depth, eddie.

  5. It would be great to replace his/her entire grill with "Go Bulldogs". That would be fair. And it would give their ride alot more class.. As far as them all being spoiled, I don't know that they all are. I really couldn't care less. If the people around San Diego want to kiss USC's butt? ..Let 'em pucker up,and smootch it long and deep. Maybe they'll get a football program around there some day that they will be proud of. Go Bulldogs.

  6. There's no rivalry between the 'Dogs and USC because those fools *coughpetecarrollcough* are too afraid to play us.

    University of Scaredy Cats ... that's a good one, too.

    I have another good one. But it's not too appropriate. Not on our blog at least.

    But Eddie knows my best acronym for USC ... and if anyone knows Eddie or myself personally, just ask.

  7. Hard to argue with Mark on that one. Hill was ready to schedule them again last year, and called numerous times, but they weren't having it.

    Let's see how long it takes Pete Carroll to schedule the 'Dogs again...I said it at the LA Coliseum that November night in 2005, and I'll say it again, he probably never will!


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