Thursday, July 19, 2007


Players returning: 4
Incoming: 0
Lost: 1 (Roshon Vercher)

Sometimes an overlooked position, Fresno State will notice the loss of Roshon Vercher (Arizona Cardinals), who was so good at his assignments it was easy to overlook him. Former walk-on Nathan Adams (5-11, 240) is expected to be recovered from an injury that caused him to sit out all of 2006, and has starting experience, but he’s not as dominant as Vercher was.

Sophomore Isaac Kinter (6-1, 240) is listed at tight end, but is likely to see time at H-back, lining up in the backfield similar to former Bulldogs standout Stephen Spach. He’s extremely fast for his size, with above average hands.

If the Bulldogs are looking for size, they might turn to redshirt freshman Frank Padilla (6-0, 240) who is a ball of muscle and has enough speed to play tailback. His biggest challenge is mastering the playbook and schemes, and overcoming an injury that cost him the spring.

Sophomore Raynard Camp (5-11, 250) figures to have just as good a shot as anyone after taking all of the first-team reps in spring camp. He’s not as quick or athletic as Kinter and Padilla, but does have the instincts and size to play the position.

Rating: 6 of 10

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