Sunday, June 15, 2008

Heart and Soul

We've heard a lot about heart and soul this week in the college baseball world.

For me, it started during the Tony D. show on 1550 AM when guest interview Augie Garrido (the current Texas coach and former CS Fullerton coach) was talking about his life documentary that aired tonight on ESPN2. Garrido, who was a player on Fresno State's 1959 College World Series team, and whose number is retired on the Beiden Field wall, told Tony D. his heart is in Texas but his soul is in Fresno.

Then we heard Diamond 'Dogs coach Mike Batesole talk about Game 1 starter Justin Wilson being all heart on the mound. That heart helped him limit No. 6 Rice to two runs in seven innings in the 'Dogs 17-5 CWS win.

Shoot, the ESPN announcers and all the other media have been talking all week about how these 'Dogs aren't supposed to be here. They're the first No. 4 Regional seed to ever make it this far, their lineup has the lowest team average of any CWS squad, they score the least runs per game and blah blah blah. But they have big hearts everyone keeps saying.

Everyone on planet Earth, meet Fresno State. That's what we've been trying to tell you for years -- decades even. Pat Hill talks about it. The football team talks about. It's what the Red Wave and Fresno State athletics is built upon and generated by. Heart and soul is what puts the chip on our collective shoulder. We know we're capable of beating anyone. We don't take moral victories. We come to win the game.

Our players play harder than yours, our yellers in the stands yell louder in the stands than yours and our coaches coach better than yours. If you try to argue that with us, we'll argue better than you too.

Tell us we're not good enough and it's like putting a baby Gremlin in a pool of water. It makes our heart grow more motivated and our soul more attached to Fresno State. Keep telling us we shouldn't be here, we strike out too much, we don't field clean enough or throw fast enough or run quick enough or hit far enough or have enough players batting .400. Keep talking about your paper advantages. Go ahead. Just be ready to prove it on the field.


  1. yea, but when you tell us actually how good we are is when we decide to go the opposite route and phone it in :p

  2. I think the best comment that Batesole made was in Game 3 versus AZ State. They asked him about the heat and how the players were reacting to it. He said, "These kids are fine. They've got tough skin. They're from Fresno."

    Hey planet Earth, how bout them apples?


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