Sunday, June 8, 2008

The next mayor of Fresno

If I could rewind to last Tuesday, I would strongly consider voting for Gavin Hedstrom as mayor.

Nothing against Ashley Swearengin (I think she's a very attractive candidate) but she didn't hit a grand slam to give the Diamond 'Dogs the lead in an eventual Game 2 win over third-ranked Arizona State.

After Sunday's 8-6 victory, the Diamond 'Dogs are one win from reaching the College World Series to face Rice. An old WAC rivalry renewed. The only two teams to win the WAC title in about 10 years or so.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, at least nine innings of baseball remain. And the 'Dogs have every reason to believe they can finish this thing off tomorrow. It could be pitching by committee, or Tanner Scheppers could shock the world and take the mound.

All I know is a team whose fans chant, "Let's go Devils" on a Sunday sure as heck didn't deserve to win.


  1. lol Tanner would have to fly out to Arizona first.

  2. Everybody wants HED-strom, but hey after today's preformance how but Susdorf aka Will Clark (Provided by: Barry Larkin ESPN commentator). (Even though Wetzel was the one who had the bases clearing double in the same inning....)

  3. Hey ross, when did Tanner LEAVE Arizona? Because he was sure as heck there on Saturday evening...

  4. I'd vote for Kris Tomlinson a.k.a. my new favorite baseball player for the DOGS. Who wouldn't want a mayor with a bad*** mullet and stache combo. C'mon you can't beat that with a baseball bat (no pundt intended).

    BTW, bring back the slogan
    "We came to drop bombs on your moms"

    That was hilarious.


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