Monday, June 9, 2008

I still remember crying...

There's not supposed to be any crying in baseball, but I admit it, I broke the rule. It's one of my very first memories, and I was reminded of it tonight after Fresno State out-pounded No. 3 Arizona State to advance to the College World Series for the first time since 1991.

It came in the form of a text message from one of my best pals, and the only guy I know who follows the Diamond 'Dogs as closely as I do. I sent him a text message saying, "NO 'DOGS DOWN!!!" His reply was simple: "On the verge of tears over here."

That's what triggered one of my first-ever memories. I was 6 years old, months away from my seventh birthday, and spending a little time cleaning my room. While I thought it was cruel of my dad to make me clean, I have to thank him for making sure I had a radio handy. It was 1988, and the Diamond 'Dogs were the No. 2 seed in the College World Series, with a record of about 56-8 on the year.

I was a little kid, already believing I was Bulldog Born and already sold on my dad's words of wisdom saying that Fresno State might win a national title in baseball and football in my lifetime.

And then I cried. I sat on my bed in tears, as Fresno State dropped the CWS opener to Stanford. I don't want that this time. This team might be less talented, but that doesn't have to stop this dream season. It hasn't yet...not even against arguably the best lineup in the nation in Arizona State. Because this team has heart. And I hope they make me feel like crying again -- but this time I want it to be because of a win. A national championship.

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