Monday, December 21, 2009

Did Ryan Mathews make the right decision?

The Fresno Bee followed a report by ESPN that star Fresno State running back Ryan Mathews is declaring a year early to the NFL.

Was it the best decision for Mathews? Did he have anything left to prove at Fresno State? Will the money be too much to pass up? What round will he go in during April's NFL Draft?


  1. Definitely can't fault the kid for leaving early. When you have an opportunity to change your family's lifestyle with one decision like that, even the most Bulldog Red-bleeding person of them all would be hard-pressed not to go for it.

    Sure as fans we'd all love to have him leading Fresno State for another year, but we also all hope the best for him and his family. Congratulations Ryan Mathews! Bulldog Born, Bulldog Bred, Bulldogs 'Til the Day We're Dead!

  2. There wasn't a wrong decision to be made here. He's a first-round back, but will go anywhere from 20-50 depending on a team's need.

    I'm always going to be curious about what the Carr/Mathews combo could have done, this year or next (and even both). Also would have loved to see his final numbers in the record books. He would've had the overall rushing record by a good 1,500 yards and the touchdown record by about 20.

    A good NFL back has about 8 quality years in his career, depending on age. I don't mind him maximizing his potential success. I just hope he continues to reach his potential and be a star back throughout the league and rep us proudly.

    Overall, he's one of the best backs to come out in years, in my biased but correct opinion. He has the vision, power, speed, hands and blocking ability to make him a feature back in any system.

    It's been an absolute joy to have him in Bulldog Red for 3 years.


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