Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's it take for Fresno State to be ranked?

Don't dismiss the idea so quickly. Keep reading, 'cause you'll want to see this comparison between two teams with eerily similar resumes. One is in the top 25. One is Fresno State. (Shout out to "grantstomb" of BarkBoard fame for bringing this to my attention).

See how long it takes you to figure out which mystery team we're comparing the 'Dogs to?

--This team has a 6-2 conference record.
--Fresno State has a 6-2 conference record.

--This team has 1 win against a team with a winning record.
--Fresno State has 1 win against a team with a winning record.

--This team has 1 win against an AQ (Automatic Qualifier) school (a 4-8 Big East team at home).
--Fresno State has 1 win against an AQ school (a 3-9 Big 10 team on the road).

--This team played 2 AQ schools on the road.
--Fresno State played 3 AQ schools on the road.

--This team has two losses to teams that are going to BCS bowls this year.
--Fresno State has two losses to teams going to BCS bowls this year.

--This team beat San Jose State by 10 points.
--Fresno State beat San Jose State by 20 points.

--This team beat Utah State by 17 points.
--Fresno State beat Utah State by 4 points.

--This team lost at TCU by 28 points.
--Fresno State lost at home to Boise State by 17 points.

--This team lost at Oregon by 7 points.
--Fresno State lost at Cincinnati by 8 points.

--This team's opponents are a combined 48-48.
--Fresno State's opponenets are a combined 47-52.

--This team finished third in the Mountain West Conference.
--Fresno State finished third in the Western Athletic Conference.

--This team is 9-3, ranked No. 23 in the nation and headed to the Poinsettia Bowl to play Cal.
--Fresno State is 8-4, unranked and headed to the New Mexico Bowl to play Wyoming.

One could argue that if Fresno State replaced its non-conference game at Wisconsin with a game against 4-8 San Diego State, the Bulldogs would also be 9-3. But would the Bulldogs be ranked in the top 25? What do you say?


  1. Wow. One could also argue that Utah could replace the @ Wisconsin game for a game at home vs. New Mexico State and be 10-2.

    The Mountain West is a much tougher conference than the WAC. Fresno had no business beating a terrible 3-8 Illinois team, and gave up over 50 points in an absolute beating by an average Nevada team (who lost to the last place MWC team).

    Fresno isn't half the team that Utah is. Start playing defense, and then you can start to compare the two.

  2. That doesn't make sense. Utah didn't play Wisconsin. Fresno State did.

    The reason we said to substitute San Diego State for Wisconsin was to make Fresno State's non-conf. schedule equal in difficulty. Right now, Fresno State's is more difficult with three AQ games, compared to Utah's two.

    You say Illinois is terrible, but their record is similar to Lousiville's (who Utah played). Fresno State played Cincinnati, Utah played Oregon (comparable teams despite Cincinnati's undefeated record).

    That leaves Fresno State's other two non-conf. games as at Wisconsin and UC Davis. Utah's other two were San Jose State (2-10, comparable to UC Davis) and Utah State (4-8). So we added San Diego State, a 4-8 MWC team to balance out the two schedules and presumed Fresno State would then also be 9-3.

    Make sense?

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  4. Combined record of Fresno State's non-conf. opponents (UC Davis, at Wisconsin, at Cincinnati, at Illinois):

    Combined record of Utah's non-conf. opponents (Utah State, at San Jose State, at Oregon, Louisville):

  5. This only proves my point on why we deserve a better opponent. Whether or not Wyoming beats us at this point is irrelevant, the Dogs deserve a better opponent just like Utah does.


  6. Get out of the WAC. That's what it's going to take.


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