Monday, December 28, 2009

Fresno State gifts for Christmas?

This time of year we always see a ton of lists with the best sports moments of the past year and biggest stories of year, etc. So let's put a little twist on our list -- Bulldog Bounce style!

Did you receive any Fresno State-related gifts for Christmas? If so, what were they?

Me? I got a red Fresno State T-shirt from a buddy, a Fresno State hat, BBQ sauce and table coasters from good ol' Mom and of course the wonderful $50 gift certificate to the Bulldog Shop from the mother-in-law. Oh, and of course that ever-so-special 12 x 18 print of Ryan Mathews leaping over a ucla defender in last season's Bulldogs' win (thanks photographer buddy of mine)!

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  1. I got a Fresno State Flag with the old bulldog on it. Epic!


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