Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bulldog Bounce 2007 Bulldog Football Awards

MVP: Clifton Smith
He played pretty much every offensive skill position, and was so good the band learned a song for him.

Offensive Player of the Year: Tom Brandstater
At the start of the year fans were happy just because he limited his mistakes. Now, he's become the type of guy who can carry the team.

Defensive Player of the Year: Marcus Riley
He's the biggest difference between a 4-8 2006 and a 9-4 2007. And he had like a bajillion tackles!

Special Teams Player of the Year: A.J. Jefferson
The nation's leading kick returner is the obvious choice.

Freshman of the Year: Ryan Mathews
I can't think of a more impressive true freshman in program history. Would have had more than 1,000 yards easily without injuries.

Be the Hammer (Not the Nail) Award: Marcus Riley for making Colt Brennan cry.

IHOP Award for best pancake blocker: Ryan Wendell (even though Bobby Lepori had more pancakes)

Joe Schey Award for O-lineman who loves to hit after the whistle: Bobby Lepori

Mr. Premature Award for most false starts: Bobby Lepori gets the nod over Kenny Avon

Gillette "Lopes' Pits" Award for heaviest perspiration: DB coach Randy Stewart, who's grey T is drenched within the first 10 minutes of every practice

No 'Dogs Down Award for coach/player overcoming the biggest obstacle: DC Dan Brown for punching cancer in its face!

Noah Puono Award for player who was yelled at the most by coaches in practice: Mark Roberts

Adam Jennings Award for player with biggest attitude due to little man syndrome: Kyle Duffy

FresYES Award for players most likely to be a rabid fan if he wasn't playing: Clifton Smith (the guy knows EVERY band hymn)

De-Dee-DEEEE! Award for the player who made the most boneheaded mistake on/off the field: Jason Shirley for getting suspended, then reinstated, then suspended again, then reinstated again, then suspended for good

Milk-it-Does-a-Body-Good Award for the best comeback from injury: Marcus Riley returns to become WAC defensive player of the year

Scout's Honor Award for redshirt most likely to make a major impact in '08: DB Isaiah Green

Almost Famous Award for player most resembling a celebrity: Andrew Jackson (Frankenstein)

Richard Marshall Award for team's biggest trash talker: Clifton Smith for saying on ESPN during H-Bowl: "Look into my eyes and tell me what you see. Tell me what you see. I see greatness."

Dr. Juan Bautista Award for smartest player: Clint "4.0" Stitser

Jenifer Alcorn Award for the player most likely to fight a teammate in practice: Ryan Wendell

Kopi Sotiropolous Award for best hair: Jon Monga for the bleached dreds

Practicing Practice Makes Perfect Award for player who stays most after practice: Tyler Clutts all five years

Mike Lingua Award for best dribbler of the football during practice: Clint Stitser

Kerry Locklin Award for loudest and most obnoxious player: Cole Popovich for kissing teammates during interviews

Chyna Award for buffest pound-for-pound player: Chris Carter


  1. LOL award for best award that was awarded by the Bulldog Bounce Awards: 3-way tie for Hammer Award, De-dee-DEEE! award, and no 'Dogs Down award.

  2. Glad to provide a little bit of entertainment haha! I gotta admit though, I thought these would generate more response from readers...

  3. maybe you shouldn't have posted them in PINK!!!

  4. Hahaha, sorry, I didn't realize we had a color-blind readership...

    No, in all seriousness, it does look kinda pink 'cause it's not bold, but take my word, it's red!

  5. what about "almost famous award" darren newborne as flavor flav???

  6. It's really more of a salmon-y color.


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