Sunday, January 13, 2008

Some b-ball cheers...

Just in case you'd like to join in, here are some individual b-ball cheers that are great for the 'Dogs players. Every time someone scores or pulls down a rebound, shout for:

--Kevin Bell: "Slamma lamma, DING DONG!"
--Eddie Miller: "Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!"
--Bryan Harvey: "OHHHH B-Harv!" (Austin Powers cadence)
--Tyson Parker: (Make gobbling turkey noise...for Tyson Farms)
--Alex Blair: "Alex WOOOOOO (Ric Flair style) Blair!"
--Shawn Taylor: "He's Taylor...Made!"
--Nedeljko Golubovic: "What does everybody want!? NED!!!"


  1. Hey, with the Bell and Hernandez ones at least, the cheers have been around four years.

    I don't care what people cheer, as long as they go to the games and make noise!

  2. If you're gonna say they're weak, at least leave a few suggestions, nobody said they were set in stone. What's really weak is that you probably don't even go to the games, and especially don't yell, otherwise we'd hear more than ourselves every game.

  3. hahah it would be worth the ticket price alone to hear the entire crowd gobble!!! btw, when the comment is left by "retardymous", dont pay it any attention. they are too much of a bitch or too stupid to leave a name so the made by them comments are worthless, IMO.

  4. hilarious list this year, guys! god, i wish i could be at more games just to do these cheers...

    what does everybody want? hahahahaha.

  5. hey everyone guess what hi lol im trying out for cheerleading what should i wear?


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