Friday, January 18, 2008

Pack (four sections of) The House

Yeah, so Fresno State's "Pack The House" women's basketball promotion didn't go over so well. Only about four sections of the arena could be considered packed (attendance was announced at 2,509).

But 3/4 of the Bulldog Bounce crew showed, with a few take-away points we'd like to list:

--Where were you guys? Tom Brandstater, Marlon Moore, Moses Harris and Damion Owens all showed up.

--All those nerdy fans who used to flock to the arena just to see Stacy Johnson-Klein stomp around putting dents in the hardwood with her leather boot heels would probably be just as happy as fans of director of basketball operations Kelsi Bond.

--Hawaii has dislikeable players in women's sports too! We've experienced plenty of uncalled for taunting and cheap shotting from former Warriors/Rainbows/Wahine in Anthony Carter, that one men's guard a few years ago who looked like Ellen and most of the football team -- and now this. Ebony Jones, at 6-foot-1, flagrantly shoves Fresno State's Emma Andrews (who would have a tough time passing the heighth test at Magic Mountain (seriously) onto the floor, drawing a technical foul.

--And most importantly, the 'Dogs women put on a great show. They play hard, drive to the basket, seem like good teammates and have a bunch of impact freshmen. Oh, and Tierre Wilson rivals Mirenda Swearengin as the most impressive women's player in school history. She might be able to start alongside Kevin Bell for the men's team (they do need a replacement for academically ineligible Bryan Harvey now right?)...

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  1. i think we could all use some "Bondage" in our lives ...

    I liiiiiike .... high fiiiiive.


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