Sunday, January 20, 2008

My brain might implode

If there weren't former Fresno State players in the NFL, well, there'd be no reason to watch (and we'd be more like San Jose State). But this year, the AFC championship game is mind-boggling. Who do I root for?

Pro-Bowler Lorenzo Neal, who miraculously came back from a broken leg in about a month, starts at fullback for the Chargers and is one of my all-time favorite 'Dogs. He's a legitimate good guy of the sporting world and I even got to grapple with him when he was the No. 1-ranked heavyweight wrestler in the country -- and I was a curious elementary school fan.

Billy Volek is the "best backup QB in the NFL" and should be heading into the game for the Chargers at ANY minute ('cause Rivers stinks). He led the Chargers to a win over the Colts last week when Rivers went out, and if he leads SD to a win over the Pats, the publicity he gets will be unmatched by any other player in the next two weeks (good for Fresno State).

But don't rule out rooting for the Patriots yet -- they've got THREE 'Dogs!
Pro-Bowler Logan Mankins, arguably the best guard in the NFL and best lineman in Fresno State history, leads the charge for New England up front. He's got a mean streak on the field that is the antithesis of his humbleness off of it. And anyone who was in his group in biology lab has to have a soft spot for the big guy...

Couple that with starting safety James Sanders, the ultimate team player at Fresno State, and reserve tight end Stephen Spach, one of the all-time great walk-on to MPC Computers Bowl-game-winning-touchdown-catch hero stories, both also on the field for New England and it's just too close for comfort.

Who do I root for!? I'm so confused...


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