Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McElwain offended me

Jim McElwain hinted in his press conference today that we should be proud that a school like Alabama would look to Fresno State to hire its coach.

Yes, that would be true IF Alabama was hiring our offensive coordinator to be their head coach -- but they hired McElwain to be their offensive coordinator (same as he was here).

Now, I don't know about you all, but that doesn't make me proud. That makes me mad. I'm offended that he would imply that Alabama is at a higher level than Fresno State, because I don't think that's the case nowadays. Hasn't Fresno State been more successful than Alabama in recent years? At least since 2000? I'd say Alabama is one of two things -- either a perennial underachiever OR a program on the decline.

Sure, they have the rich history and tradition. But we're building a rich history and tradition. And we would expect to beat Alabama if we played them tomorrow. So I'm greatly disappointed and saddened to lose a great OC like you J-Mac...but please be more careful with your words when you think back to your 'Dog days.


  1. we should be proud that bama will be paying some guy from fresno state 2-3 times more cash monnies than he made while coaching at said college.

    thats alll this is. Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM gets the money, dolla dolla bills yall.

  2. Actually, that doesn't make me very proud either...just mad.

    The less the almighty dollar has to do with college sports, the better...

  3. Word! Bulldogs are near or on par with 'Bamma so McElwain can go suck it.

    -The Fresnan


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