Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The H-Bowl Experience

OK, OK, OK, I know I said I could never root for Boise State (still can't), but I gotta admit their fans treated us darn good this year. It was almost eerie how much they seemed to love Pat Hill and the 'Dogs. How can you yell, pull and fight so hard to defend a team other than your own -- an ARCH-RIVAL team!?

Well, Boise State's fans did. Take the four dudes sitting in front of us in the second deck at the 50-yard line. One had a BSU parka with a Fresno State hat. One had an Ohio State jacket (?) with a FS hat and red and blue face paint. The other two also sported FS hats. They not only cheered for FS, they screamed, barked and chanted right along with us. They cursed at the refs for each of their MANY horrible calls and no-calls. They exchanged high-fives like crazy, talked about how they'd love to play for Pat Hill for just one day and actually started a FRES-NO STATE chant.

Could you ever imagine yourself cheering so rabidly for another team? Matter of fact, do you even cheer that hard for YOUR OWN team?

The man in the parka with the FS hat turned around at one point in the fourth quarter and said, "man it sure is fun being a Bulldog for a day."

DC3's response to him: "Try doing it for a lifetime."


  1. i tried pulling for Hawaii.... but it just was a no go. after half way through the 1st quarter i gave up and was like "YESSSS beat down those smug rainbow sissies!!!" im not sure how boise fans did it WITHOUT lots of alcohol.

  2. now those rainbow sissies have lost their coach to a school pronounced smoo.


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