Monday, January 21, 2008

TIME TO VOTE: Fresno State Dream Team

We've been teasing it for a while now, and, as we're between seasons here, we're going to open up the voting. Each Bulldog Bounce blogger has turned in his own votes for each position already, but we want to hear what you -- the readers -- think.

Then, at the end of all the voting we'll compare our results to yours. We'll go position-by-position with the idea of starting healthy debate about why so-and-so is better than such-and-such?

YOU decide the criteria! What's more important? College stats or pro? Four-year starters or JC transfers? Single-season greatness or consistency?

It all starts at quarterback, and the nominees are:
--Jim Arellanes
--Mark Barsotti
--David Carr
--Trent Dilfer
--Paul Pinegar
--Kevin Sweeney
--Jeff Tedford
--Billy Volek

The Bulldog Bounce selects David Carr as Fresno State's all-time greatest QB. Carr received 3 first-team votes and 1 second-team vote to beat out Trent Dilfer (1 first-team vote, 3 second-team votes).

Have fun, voice your opinion and let the voting begin! The nominees will remain posted in the right-hand column for you to choose from, but please add comments to this blog entry as well.


  1. It wasn't easy for me to decide, but despite Trent Dilfer being my favorite 'Dog of all-time in any sport, I had to choose David Carr JUST barely edging Dilfer out...

    The No. 1 overall NFL draft pick vs. the No. 6 overall. Although Dilfer has had a better pro career so far, Carr's 2001 season is unparalled in school history.

  2. i went with dilfer. it was very hard to choose becuase without Carr, we would not be a staple of the ESPN diet and considered one of the top mid major teams. but this is what Dilfer has that Carr doesn't:

    won 3 straight conference titles, (271) NCAA record for consecutive pass attempts without an interception, Two bowl games including the historic beat-down of USC in the Freedom Bowl, was just the third WAC quarterback to earn All-America honors, Led the nation with a 173.1 passing efficiency as a Junior (the third-highest in NCAA history at the time), Trent Dilfer is the only top 10 drafted quarterback since 1990 to win a Super Bowl, first Tampa Bay quarterback to ever go to the Pro Bowl, won more games than any quarterback in franchise history and took the team to their first playoff game in 15 years with the Bucs, won Super Bowl XXXV, and most importantly ... HE GOT TO DO THE "IM GOING TO DISNEYLAND" COMMERCIAL!!

    obviously, it depends on if your criteria is strictly college or reaches to overall career. but i feel that overall, Dilfer deserves the top spot.

  3. All VERY good points. It's easy to make a strong case for Dilfer, and it's definitely a tough decision!

    For that matter, if you go by numbers, there's something to be said for Pinegar too.

    Looks like Carr's pulling way out front though now...


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