Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Boise's defense better? Hmmm ...

I found this column through yahoo on rivals.com ...

scroll down to the WAC section of it, and read what it says ...

here's my email to him...

"I am just curious as to how you know for a fact that Boise State's defense is better than Fresno State's?

Didn't Boise give up 31 pts to La. Tech at home, and 44 in regulation (leading to 67 in 4OT) to Nevada at home?

Fresno held La. Tech to 6 points when they played them at home. Not to mention, the 'Dogs just shut out San Jose State this past Saturday, 30-0. Boise's only good defensive game was against New Mexico State, when the Aggies' QB Chase Holbrook went down with an injury.

Fresno's DEs John Monga and Tyler Clutts each have 7 sacks to lead the WAC.

I think Boise's offense is better, by far. But to say that Boise's defense is better without flinching, at this point in the season is ridiculous.

We won't know much until Hawai'i, Boise, and Fresno have all played each other.

-Mark, Fresno, CA"

I've gone back and forth with him a little bit since .... My response in red, his in blue.

Hey, I think boise’s defense is better. You’re right, though: we will see if that’s true.

thanks for actually responding ... a lot of people just ignore these emails

No, I respond to all of them.

Figure if someone took the time to write, I should take the time to write back. Have watched some of fresno’s games this season. Matthews a real nice TB. And miller not that bad, either.

Yes, us Fresno fans are really excited that Mathews came in right away and is performing so nicely. Miller was slated to be the next big thing for FS RBs, but Mathews "cut in line." Can't complain about that though...

also ...
my friends and I have a Fresno State sports blog ...check it out www.bulldogbounce.blogspot.com

That’s some pretty good stuff. Thanks for the link.


  1. what a moron. the guy just says as a statement of fact that bwa-zay's defense is better. then when you call him out and give him the stats, he responds with "i think boise's defense is better."

    period. paragraph. no support. no nothing.

    that fat bum needs to go back to his doritos. i don't care if he responded to you. how long did it take to craft such a wily response?

    "i think boise is better."

    took me less than five seconds to type it. add in the two seconds to hit reply and send, and that's, what, 10 seconds tops if you blink a couple times?

    and then his canned responses that follow? mike huguenin is a sham. the end.

  2. yea, i wasn't too impressed with his response either. sort of a "i know you are but what am i" response.. no support of the position other than "so?!?"


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