Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dear Marty Tadman...

I saw your quotes in this morning's Fresno Bee. Do you remember? According to the story, you said this:

"They weren't going to out-tough us," Boise State safety Marty Tadman said. "We out-toughed them."

And this:

"That walk is so fun coming up [the ramp] after you just beat them," Tadman said. "You just walk and smile and they can't say anything except, 'take your potatoes and go home' or something stupid like that.

"They can say whatever they want. Because we walked out of here with a victory."

Well guess what Marty Tadman. If I saw you walking up that ramp (the Red Mile), smiling, I would have said something else to you.

I would have said you, Marty Tadman, didn't out-tough anybody. I would have invited you over to my house, pulled the game up on DVR, and showed yourself an early hit on Bear Pascoe in the first quarter that should have been called interference.
Then I would have showed Pascoe dragging FIVE Boise State defenders across the field for an extra six or seven yards before he went down. Were you one of those five Marty? You're too tough for that right? I think that's you over there on the left...No. 20 right?

Speaking of toughness, how fun was that walk the last time you took it? In 2005...? You know, when Fresno State beat you 27-7...?

Your team beat Fresno State this time, and has won six of the past seven meetings. Your success against WAC teams is unbelievable. Really, it is. I can't even figure out how you do it?

But I also figured something else out. You guys really haven't done that much to prove yourselves. It's a bit of smoke and mirrors, this juggernaut personality players like you have. You see, I looked up a few stats.

Boise State has NEVER, EVER beaten a BCS-conference team on the road. Ever. And that's what I would have said to you Marty.

Because, while your offensive line did a heckuva job out-toughing Fresno State, I can't really say anything else. But I'm not gonna just stand there and let you over-inflate your head...


  1. sounds like other the than the 27-7 fluke beat down, marty has had the opportunity to walk down that ramp quite a bit. and why has boise had so much success against the wac? because the wac eats balls.


    - Doc Brown

  3. The WAC must have ate your balls anon... if you are such a stud then post your name when talking smack....ohh but wait your balls are gone GELDING!!!!

    Ben Jordan

    Go Dogs!!

  4. well mister ben jordan, i want to congratulate you on not actually addressing what i had to say. at least now i know the name behind your useless banter. good job chief.

  5. whatever, Boise is the class of the WAC we just have to sit and take it until we beat them, it sucks but that's the way it goes

  6. That's odd. I'm thinking that 27-7 Fresno State win in '05 was quite possibly Tadman's ONLY previous game at Bulldog Stadium...considering the '06 game was in Boise, as was the '04 game. So, unless he's played five years, that would be the case...

    Tadman is 1-1 at Bulldog Stadium.

  7. Oh, for the record, the way I figure it, in Tadman's two career games in Fresno, the score is:

    Fresno State 48
    Boise State 41

  8. Quit crying about Tadman--he is not the problem. The problem is that we simply cannot muster the team to beat them.

    Most would agree that we have, in the past, had better overall talent. However, they have outcoached us to more victories, which brought about better recruiting, and now their players are equal to and/or better than ours.

    Their players play like a team on a mission; ours simply play hard sometimes. Coaching, expecially in the college game,is everything.

    Otherwise, why pay them than 10 times what professors make?

    Steve Burnes

  9. Like 99% of us Bulldog fans, I AM SICK AND FUGHKING TIRED of these pukes getting the "W" against us!
    Coach PAT HILL, I greatly respect you,and appreciate. But we have to adjust! to cut the head off these weasles. Do whatever the hell is called for. JUST START BEATING BOISE! Same goes for the RAINBOWS!
    Bulldog fans are TIRED of this BULLSHITE. RECRUIT FROM The JC level to fill a few slots that we are really coming up short in,it is necessary. WE are sick of playing second when we really do belong at first place in this WAC.
    We are past tired of being embarrassed by lesser teams.
    Go Dogs! Play to WIN! Not to not loose!

  10. Funny thing about the walk up the ramp. I was yelling at the players, and one of them told me to go "F" myself. I yelled back at him and asked him "Is that how you speak in Fresno?"

    Long story short, the Bwa-zay AD heard me yelling, and had me promptly escorted out of the stadium. I'm fairly certain that he should be more concerned on the demeanor of his players rather than dealing with a single fan.

  11. Haha even though someone may never check this since it's been awhile I think it is funny that this guy mentions that BSU has never beaten a BCS team and then the fiesta bowl came and oh, BSU beats Oklahoma, it's like you for saw BSU winning, haha, be careful what you say because it might just come true, and ha it did!

  12. Actually you're wrong. I wrote that BSU has NEVER beaten a BCS team on the ROAD(which is true). Never!

    And...I wrote this last season, after BSU had already beaten Oklahoma at a neutral site. Sorry to rain on your parade there...

  13. It's been awhile on this post, but I think the comment about BSU not beating a BCS team on the road now does not hold water. The Broncos beat Oregon this season in Eugene. I look forward to playing the Dogs here in a few weeks!


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