Friday, October 19, 2007

The New Timeout

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Okay. Let me just say that about 3 weeks ago, I was not happy with the new timeout. I didn't like how they just completely changed his entire look. I felt as though the marketing department through tradition out the window.

But, that was before our road trip to Reno, Nevada for the football game against the Nevada Wolfpack.

About 2 hours before game time, me and my pals were looking for a grassy area to play catch near Mackay Stadium. So we decided to hang out by the Alumni tailgate. After about 5 minutes of tossing the ball around, we see the new Timeout walking with the cheerleaders.

Suddenly, the new Timeout begins walking towards us, and sticks his fuzzy paws out, as if he wanted us to throw him the ball. So we did. And let me tell you, the new Timeout has to be the most athletic mascot in all of college football. He was making leaping catches, tackling, kicking, and even chest bumping!

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This awesome interaction with the new Timeout, allowed me to accept him as a definite formidable mascot. In fact, I'll go further to say that I won't refer to him as "new Timeout" anymore. He is Timeout, and he is our new tradition.

To further my liking of Timeout, he remembered who we were. Tonight, myself, fsdogs1, and DC3, went to the Homecoming Rally at Bulldog Boulevard. While playing catch, Timeout noticed and recognized us, and immediately threw his poms-poms to the ground, and stuck out his fuzzy paws out just like he did in Reno! It was great!

He then tackled me again, and then caught a pass and chest-bumped me again. It was like we could see him smiling, even though he has a permanent-sewn-fuzzy face.

Timeout definitely grew on me and is completely awesome. I formally apologize for not liking him from the get-go.

P.S. San Jose State sucks.


  1. I'll be damned man. Timeout does seem like a cool dude (or shall I say, Dog). I guess now my only beef with him is that I wish he was gray.

  2. seems like were stuck with him. just wish he would stop acting so fucking retarded sometimes. when you see him on TV or at the games, he pulls this cartoon character crap.. I want our mascot to be more of a intimidating presence than a limp-armed wussy who can chest bump. he should be "swingers"-cool-tough-guy who can chest bump.


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