Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grading the 'Dogs (5-2, 4-0): vs. San Jose State (3-5, 2-2)

Quarterbacks: B-
Hard to argue with winning and efficiency, but Brandstater has got to quit overthrowing receivers.

Running Backs: A
Team averages 5.8 yards per carry, led by Mathews' 144 yards and two TDs (9 yards per carry).

Receivers: C+
Pascoe and Smith found the open spaces, but deep threats need to emerge.

Offensive Line: A-
Another dominant running day and only one sack allowed, even the backups got to play.

Defensive Line: B+
Clutts is playing at another level right now, as he and Monga each got their seventh sack of the season (WAC best), and Tolbert and Borg also had one.

Linebackers: B-
While Riley was making head-turning plays one after another, and Bates had a career-best day, Tafralis was allowed way too many scrambling yards.

Defensive Backs: A-
A breakout game for Davis, as 'Dogs held pure passing SJSU to 254 yards and no scores. Owens grabs the team's first interception on the first play.

Special Teams: A
Stitser hits all three field goal attempts (6 of his last 7), and Jefferson nearly returns his only kick return all the way (61 yards). Zimmerman averages 49.8 yards on four punts.


  1. Brandstater is beginning to look away from his intended receiver. A good sign. In the past, even at Idaho, he ould follow his reciver from the line of scrimmage. Not in the San Jose game.

  2. Six points in the first half won't quite cut it against Boise State...gotta get off to that quick start!

  3. im glad someone else is seeing what i am seeing with tommy b. i dont know what its going to take.. he has all the right tools, he just needs to utilize them properly.

  4. nick bates is a savage


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