Friday, October 12, 2007

Radio Tradio

So an Idaho radio personality came on Fresno's Tony D. Show (Sporting News Radio) yesterday and claime the Idaho defense can stop Fresno State's offense?

That got me thinking...this calls for a poll (so vote in it, directly to the right of this blog posting). Can Idaho shut down Fresno State?

I don't know what would make anyone think so...? After all, the 'Dogs won 34-0 last season and 40-10 at Kibbie Dome in 2005.

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  1. god, i hate to sound like some tommy b. nay-sayer, cuz i like the kid and think he could become very very good, but cant he get his throws down?? i mean, good GOD, im watching the game and i almost think hes hurt or something! roll out, wide open man, and you throw it too high?! bear ready to rumble in the end zone and it gets thrown too high and wide?!? trying to drive here at the end of the 2nd half, and a wide open reciever has to strech and reach for a ball by the sideline making a fingertip catch?!? i mean, is it just me? i think i am a very objectional person, but T.B. hardly EVER gets a throw where a reciever isnt jumping or stretching no matter if hes under pressure or has all day long. am i seeing only what i want to see here?


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