Sunday, October 14, 2007

San Jose State fans crack me up

In all the nation, those have to be the only fans who can still find ways to talk trash when they've lost to a team 12 times in a row. That's what they did before last season's Fresno State game, and then when they finally beat the 'Dogs, it got even worse.

Walking out of Spartan Stadium, five things were on my mind:
1. San Jose State fans love Fresno's Shaw and Blackstone avenues. That's where several of them kept yelling for us to go back to.

2. The series is still so lopsided that they're trash talk ends as soon as you tell them it'll be another decade and a half before they beat the 'Dogs again.

3. What in tarnation!? I just realized -- for the first time ever at Spartan Stadium -- the tailgate area isn't a swampland. I didn't ruin another pair of shoes walking to my truck and I didn't see one single person's tires get stuck in the mud.

4. Is San Jose State struggling so much for fans that they held a special season finale promotion of Gangsta Appreciation Night? Or was it buy one ticket, get four gang bangers in for free? Seriously, I thought I was at a Raiders game with all the thugs bumping their gangsta rap and getting drunk in the parking lot (even before the game). I've seen WWE pay-per-view events with less fighting words tossed around.

5. I can't wait 'til they come to Bulldog Stadium in '07!


  1. Gangstas?

    How about your known gang 'Bulldogs'?

    Face it in California gangs are all over the place.

    Sux but it's a reality.

    Go luck against SJSU this weekend.

    Yes I'm a SJSU grad/fan.

    If we play like we did against Hawaii it's going to be an even longer season.

    I thought you guys we going to beat Texas A&M I was cheering for you guys!

    I hate ALL Texas & New York sports teams.

    How about Nevada's red-shirt QB?
    That guy is good!


  2. i think you mean our redshirt running back Mathews. he is extremely talented and i think i speak for all Bulldog Fans who have had the pleasure of watching him when i say that we love the kid and are looking forward to watching him for the next three years.

  3. mathews isn't a redshirt. he's a true. and nevada's qb kaepernick played with fresno's anthony harding at pitman high school.

    FS got turlock area recruits harding and brandstater before him. easy to second guess, but they should have skipped brandstater and gone for kaepernick.

    perhaps they would have if jordy would have materialized as a quarterback.

  4. You're right yamaduc, gangs are all over the place. And it does suck.

    But here's the thing, I've been to Spartan Stadium at least seven times now for various matchups and bowl games, and NEVER before had I seen that type of crowd tailgating outside the stadium. You know, the kind who throws insults at you just begging for you to respond so the whole group can try to pick a fight...

    And many of them seemed to have fraternity shirts. Were those the actual SJSU students!?

  5. ami going crazy? i could have swore that post said "your redshirt RB" ... and, yea i knew mathews was true freshman .. :) im just stupid and copied from comment to make a comment... and about spartan stadium, after going to a silicon valley bowl, thank GOD that crap doesnt exist anymore. horrible venue.


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