Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mashed Taters

I want this upcoming game with the Potato Vandals to be a statement game. I want the 'Dogs to smash them into what I like to call "Mashed Taters."

Alright, enough with the potato puns. But really, this Fresno State team needs a game where they dominate both sides of the ball, every play, every step. Smash! Smash! And more then more smashing!

Like most games, keys to a great domination game lies in the hands of the offensive and defensive lines. I want the 'Dogs to be 6 to 7 steps ahead of the Vandals of every play! I want to see the D-Line crashing through, pushing over Idaho's O-Line, and completely crushing their QB, Brian Nooy, even before he tries to hand the ball off. Every single play!

Idaho sucks.

We all know that.

Even Brian Nooy's mom knows it.

So me wanting these things to happen ... isn't too far fetched ... is it?


  1. Sure would seem like a great opportunity game for an interception or five...wouldn't it?

  2. you just read my mind... we are going to absolutely TRUCK I-da-hoe. they wont see it coming. i cant wait.

  3. great blog, meez!

    "we takin ooooover!!"


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