Saturday, August 15, 2009

Defense yelled loud & hit somebody

So maybe it wasn't the 'Shutup & Hit Somebody' of 2001 lore, but let's be real, Fresno State has always had its share of defenders who like to talk after popping an opponent in the mouth. Tonight, Chris Carter led the rallying cry as the defense got stronger as the scrimmage went on, allowing just two scores (none by Carr or Colburn).

The defensive front is forcing much more pressure than a year ago. Hopefully that's due to the defenders' improvement and not the offensive line's regression. D-tackle Logan Harrell was impressive tonight getting into the backfield, but the most eye-opening performance was by true freshman Terrance Kindle who consistently raced into the backfield and even recorded a sack. Chris Lewis saw extensive reps at d-end, including one play where he hit Ryan Mathews late out of bounds when Mathews was already on his hands and knees. Mathews popped up and swiped at Lewis' helmet, raising the heat a bit.

Another true freshman, and a Texas high school teammate of Kindle's, stood out at linebacker in Daniel Salinas. While Travis Brown sometimes hesitates and looks like he might not trust his ability in the open field, Salinas consistently flies to the ball. One play in particular tonight was when Brown stepped gingerly toward a churning Robbie Rouse and got juked before Salinas drove Rouse to the turf.

Nico Herron seems to have a firm grip on the starting strong side spot for now, and fans had to like the emotional effort he put forth in the scrimmage. Shawn Plummer joined the highlight reel when he leveled Devon Wylie from behind after a reception.

The continuing improvement of Desia Dunn at corner is encouraging, but more encouraging tonight was the play of sophomore Isaiah Green, who intercepted a pass in the end zone that Ryan Colburn intended for Ryan Skidmore and also recovered a Wylie fumble. Damion Owens, who seemed stagnant in his growth as a player last year, had to put smiles on coaches' faces tonight with his sure-handed tackling that ruined several of the offense's plays.

And how 'bout walk-on safety Justin Webber, who forced a fumble and made two plays behind the line of scrimmage. Safety Marvin Haynes got beat bad after taking a questionable angle on a long run by Michael Harris, and Lorne Bell showed why he's considered the Bulldogs' hardest hitter when he caught Darren Newborne breezing across the middle and took his breath away.

No special teams drills took place during the scrimmage, which was attended by about 1,000 fans and several notable alumni -- Bobby Lepori, Asen Asparuhov and Paul Pinegar to name a few.

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  1. Right. Carr makes a great pass to get the team in scoring position. Then the offense proceeds to run the ball 3 times from the 5 yard line and can't get in.

    Another year of stupid play calling from Mr. Hill.


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