Sunday, August 9, 2009

Let's get physical (but not too physical)

Practice seemed to start out a little lazy (Sunday afternoon style) on Day 4, but that quickly changed when Pat Hill went off on the guys for just going through the motions. In typical Hill fashion, he usually gets loud and gets after the guys at some point during fall camp (tough love style).

Today was that day for the "rookies" as he called 'em. Hill didn't like the way guys weren't going 100%, using a popcorn analogy to get his point across. He said he wanted to hear "one big explosion" as guys were hitting each other, not a few pads popping on one side followed by more hitting on the other.

The players defintely responded as true freshman linebacker Daniel Salinas slammed into the O-line on the next play, and redshirt freshman offensive lineman Max Devlin pancaked true freshman defensive end Terrance Kindle.

Robbie Rouse is still wowing pretty much everyone. Yesterday he had Bulldog Bouncers wondering aloud if he should be the punt returner this year. Today, he blocked a punt in special teams drills.

One of the most impressive parts of the day were the fade routes to the corner of the end zone thrown by Derek Carr and Ryan Colburn. Interesting to note that Carr took the first reps with the offense today. But both looked far better than Tom Brandstater ever was at putting touch on passes.

Cornerback coverage was encouraging -- Desia Dunn seems to have progressed quite a bit since last season. There's no reason A.J. Jefferson shouldn't be a dominant cover corner. He has the speed, length and athleticism to be one of the best in school's an absolute mystery why he didn't play more defense last year. Isaiah Green made one standout play to jump a route and bat a pass to the ground.

That said, Seyi Ajirotutu did some damage of his own, with two acrobatic catches in the corner of the end zone in tight coverage. Jamel Hamler is a weapon in press coverage, which is encouraging considering the lack of seperation receivers got the past three years.

So much to talk about already, but let us know what questions you have and we'll address those in comments and future posts...?


  1. Thanks for the updates. Hopefully our QB's will get worked out. Touch on passes is very important. How they will respond at game time speed after the defense hits them is also important. TB never had it. It's good to have encouraging reports.

    Are the tackles moving from left to right?


  2. I really enjoy this sight, no self promoters and also a sight that there is no bs. such as self promoting players that think they are the team spokesman. keep it up.


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