Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Questions for our readers

All right, there you have it, every position on defense is previewed. In depth. Analysis.

But many of you are expert Fresno State fans too, with plenty of knowledge. What do you think? We want you to comment away and help us create the most high-level Fresno State football convo around.

Feel free to comment under each position...

  • On the d-line, who should start at tackle? McEntee or Banks? How many guys are going to break into the regular rotation? What else do you want to know?
  • At linebacker, if you're Pat Hill, do you redshirt Travis Brown and Daniel Salinas or do you play 'em right away? Do you see Jacobs/Knox/Herron starting all year long?
  • In the defensive backfield, how do you get Phillip Thomas in the game? How big an impact will Isaiah Green and L.J. Jones make? And how good is Desia Dunn?
  • And special teams, are you comfortable using Robbie Rouse's freshman year to give him punt return duties?

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