Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday Night D-omination

Well that sure was a pleasant display of Defense (yes I capitalized the D) last night. Over the past three plus seasons now our defense has been......ummmmm.... lets just say less than stellar. I can still remember watching the piece that ESPN did during the 2001 season on our defense and it was all about the motto "shut up and hit somebody." That motto has become a bit cliché, especially in the Fresno area, but I believe we have to get back to that defensive mentality. 

I was very happy and encouraged watching our defense during last nights scrimmage. The emotion and leadership shown by Chris Carter, Nico Herron, Ben Jacobs, and Moses Harris was exciting to see. For the first time since the 2005 season (when we had Richard Marshall, Garrett McIntyre, Marcus McCauley, Tyrone Culver, etc) I am optimistic that we are going to have a solid defense. Last night the "D" was flying around the field, getting pressure on the QB, making interceptions, and the biggest part they were actually wrapping up and making solid tackles. 

There were quite a few guys that stood out to me last night but a few i'll briefly mention..... 
1- Justin Webber (Great to see the local guy out there flying around and making tackles in the backfield, great story)
2- Chris Carter (Showed great emotion and leadership)
3- Logan Harrell (I have not seen a Fresno State D-Lineman get in the backfield like that in years)
4- Moses Harris (Work-horse, always ready to play)

All-in-all the entire defense played solid and I hope they can continue to carry that passion and intensity into the season and throughout. So from this Bulldog fan to the defense ATTA BOYS all around. (PS... hopefully last nights performance was not just an indictment on how bad our offense is.... that is the scary part of a scrimmage)


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