Friday, August 7, 2009

Random musings from Day 1 of fall camp

Welcome to Fresno true freshmen! Just don't expect 82 degree highs in the forecast, well, ever again. It was a rarity for August in The No (which I prefer to call The Yes) and Pat Hill let the newcomers know it.

Though there's no official word on it, this blogger suspects we also won't see Ebahn Feathers leaving the practice field with the scout team many more days. Sure, practicing with the reserves gives Feathers a chance to get the lion's share of reps, but he's going to need work with the guys who will be on the field when he enters the game for special packages.

Let's hope we don't see too many more dropped passes, especially by Marlon Moore, who got off to a rocky start on Thursday. Devon Wylie (who new receivers coach Keith Williams calls "Tim Dwight" all too often) looked polished and pristine.

Speaking of Williams, mark my words now the 'Dogs found themselves a special young coach. He's boisterous and energetic, but most importantly pays attention to the tiny details that were lacking last year under John Baxter's direction.

WAY too early to decide the Ryan Colburn-Derek Carr battle, but after Day 1, Carr gets a point for the speed with which he drops back to pass. Colburn gets a point for handling Joey Bernardi's snaps more cleanly.

Though we hear Devan Cunningham dropped 30 pounds every offseason...this time, I believe it. Other guys who look slimmer, trimmer and more defined: Ben Jacobs, Kenny Borg, Damion Owens, Nico Herron, Richard Pacheco.

So far, the battle for the sweatiest shirt is neck and neck between Bernardi and new defensive coordinator Randy Stewart. Bernardi is the first person to give Stewart a run...ever!


  1. "the yes" is the dumbest thing i've ever heard. stick to football moron.

  2. Actually Fresyes is a pretty common term nowadays. If you're a Fresno resident, get with the program!


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