Saturday, August 8, 2009

Half pads, full contact

OK, well not completely full contact, but the 'Dogs were out in half pads today (waist up) and hitting. Sounded good to hear pads popping, and hope those of you following on twitter enjoyed the instant updates.

O-line got a bit interesting today with Leslie Cooper getting first-team reps at left guard and Devan Cunningham at right tackle.

True freshman Lars Bramer (at 6-foot-5) is getting scout team work at center.

Absolutely love the hands on, fundamental, energetic coaching styles of Will Plemons (D-line) and Keith Williams (receivers). And loved hearing Randy Stewart continually yell for his defense to cause "chaos!" during 11-on-11 drills.

Although JC D-line prospect Donnie Pritchett (highly touted out of Santa Rosa JC) was participating in summer voluntary practices, today was his first real practice with the team. He wasn't in pads yet (per the rules) but is defintely a big, athletic looking guy.

Three days into camp, and I'm already willing to argue for true freshman Robbie Rouse to start at punt returner. He's just awe-inspiring with his slashing around defenders and into the open field. He had darn near every coach oohing and aahing at some point today.

Still way too many open receivers being underthrown by Ebahn Feathers. But he broke off some nice runs today. Don't underestimate Derek Carr's wheels either.

Very surprised how built Ibe Nduka is (No. 59) and how tall Pat Su'ua is (No. 30). Scout team drills started with Damion Whittington, Jeremiah Toma and Travis Brown at linebacker (with Toma in the middle). Food for thought...


  1. I noticed #52 starting at center, the position he won last year prior to getting injured.

  2. Pacheco's lookin' good out there. I didn't see him taking first-team snaps at center, but did see him rotating around during 7-on-7s and 11-on-11s...


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