Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Rundown

Fresno State practice was all over the fields today -- literally. The first part was at Valley Growers Field, before the whole squad was herded into Bulldog Stadium with a good turnout of fans.

Lots of scrimmage situations today with 7 on 7s, 11 on 11s and live-hitting with piped in crowd noise (though most of it was Bulldog gameday songs, unlike the annoyance of opponents songs they played in years past...I never want to hear "Rocky Top" again). So who stood out? Read on...

While neither quarterback starred today, true freshman Derek Carr continues to outshine junior Ryan Colburn (a trend the past four days). Colburn overthrew several receivers on would-be touchdown routes, even when there was no live rush.

Carr also threw one behind a receiver and later should have been intercepted (Marvin Haynes let the pass bounce off his chest after a nice jumped route in the end zone). But Carr made a nice play on the run to end the day, recognizing that safety Moses Harris had his back turned and zipping a touchdown pass to the sure-handed Jamel Hamler.

That said, both Colburn and Carr led the offense on touchdown drives, while Ebahn Feathers stalled inside the 10-yard line when he took the reins.

The receivers as a whole dropped a ton of balls today. Marlon Moore, Seyi Ajirotutu and Rashad Evans didn't participate in drills, while Chastin West had a case of the dropsies.

Ryan Mathews stood out in the passing game. And Robbie Rouse and Lonyae Miller each broke off long touchdown runs in tag-off drills.

Lots of moving parts throughout the depth chart on defense today, so it'll be interesting to follow how the pecking order unfolds. Can Travis Brown work his way into competition with Nico Herron?


  1. Wow. I've been to every single practice and anybody who thinks Carr is pulling away from Colburn is just crazy. Both QB's are still VERY even. They've both looked brilliant at times and they've both struggled at times. This blog obviously favors Carr, and I'm also in that camp, but the homerism is a bit much. One of the writers even changed his name to "DC3", man crush?????

  2. Hey, I would certainly respect an argument you'd make that disagrees with what we've written, but your factual error and false accusations do nothing for credibility. "DC3" has been one of our blogger's names since the site was launched.

    As for me personally, I have no bias toward any certain player. I want the best players to play, because I hope Fresno State fields the best team it's capable of. I think Colburn and Carr were indeed very even, but in recent practices I've noticed Carr putting better touch on passes, throwing with more velocity, turning the ball over less, throwing better on the run and looking more comfortable at the helm.

    That said, I left out in my original post that Colburn did make a heck of a play today, displaying great burst on a designed run up the gut for a touchdown. Position-by-position analysis is coming soon, so we'll be looking forward to getting great discussion and healthy debate in the coming weeks. All in fun!

  3. So by not writing about Colburns good plays are you not favoring Carr. Look, I'd prefer that DC win the job because I like his upside. He seems to have a little Brett Favre in him, for better or worse. I just think there is some obvious favortism happeing here which isn't fair to both men. I guess I shouldn't expect anything more from a blog.

  4. In fairness, I did say in my original post Colburn led the 'Dogs on a TD drive. You said you've been to every practice this camp, so you know as well as I there's way too much that goes on each day to write about all of it.

    And let's not confuse the word "homerism," which is what you used in your original comment. Call me a homer for Fresno State if you choose, I love the university. But as far as being a homer for individual players...that doesn't even make sense to me.

    Going back to the QB competition though, what have you seen that's made them even?

  5. I can't believe I'm actually going to dignify these comments with a response, because anyone who has been to all of the practices would recognize the ignorance (save you), but we asked for feedback, so I'll participate. Thanks for reading by the way.

    Also, if you're going to call us out, at least put some sort of moniker for us to respond to. Initials, barkboard name, whatever, just don't use anonymous. Fair enough, right?

    As far as I know, my initials have been DC3 for nearly 24 years, or almost 5 years longer than Derek has been alive. (On a side note, how would the 3 even apply to him?) Having been on the radio for the past several football seasons, in which my name is announced for all to hear, I have not hid what it stands for. If you noticed I changed my name, you would recall what it stands for. Rocket science it is not. Not to mention I changed it before Carr was even on the team. Good thing I'm not a Chad Ochocinco fan, huh?

    I, for one, am glad someone else is able to make it out to all the practices, but I recommend not using your time out there as nap time. That's really not intended to be offensive to you, but I'm sure your reaction to that was quite similar to mine about your claims, so please don't take it personally. I've made no bones about the fact the two were absolutely neck and neck through the first few days of camp, but since then, the results and performances speak for themselves. I won't go into details on what the they are, because the blogs have done that already. That's my opinion, which is only valid on a day-by-day basis (and one shared by others outside the blog I have talked to). He's looked better the last four days of camp, so what? I didn't name him the starter.

    Here are my thoughts on Colburn: I have nothing but respect and admiration for him as a person and player. I happen to attend church with him and think he's a heck of a person, leader and football player. Who wouldn't want a QB like that? Apparently me right? How dare I relay actual results and events? I think highly of Colburn in all of those areas. He went undefeated as a QB in high school. He can obviously compete and is a winner. That's understood, right?

    Ryan is a talented and athletic QB with great potential, and by no means has had a bad camp. Quite the opposite perhaps. In fact, I have been outspoken to everyone I have talked to that players deserve a shot under the spotlight, because you need to know what you have. Once Colburn plays in a game, he could be the best quarterback ever. Who knows? But between him and Carr, we'll find that out, and I love that.

    The bottom line is I want what's best for Fresno State, at the deepest of levels. If that means Colburn is the best fit, so be it. I'll root for him just as hard as I would Derek. How much clearer can I make it? Ryan and Derek are both outstanding quarterbacks and people and I'm proud of how they represent us.

    Bottom line, anyone who knows me would find your comments laughable. That four paw Bulldog is what I'm about when it comes to being a football fan, not the name on the back of the jersey -- friend or not. The best part is, both Ryan and Derek wouldn't have it any other way.

  6. I really appreciate your updates and all of the information that you provide us Bulldog fans. Keep 'em coming!

  7. I enjoying making it out to the small number of practices i have made it to. I wish i could make it out to more, and so i humbly join this discussion. I was extremely encouraged when i heard DC was graduating early to come out, so as to compete with Colburn, and for that matter Feathers at the time. Since we have obviously seen Feathers need for more improvement. I think DC has the edge on Colburn for several reasons.
    1. At this point in time a four year back up should be playing well above the level of a true freshman, not at his level.
    2. DC potential, arm strength, and legs have much more upside them Colburn.
    However from a pure performance stand point from the times i have been out there, i have not seen a lot of performance differences between the two to differientiate a clear winner. Although it does seem that DC has a higher number of passes completed, his reads of the defense have been suspect.
    As far as the rest of this drama, whether anonymous is biased or this blog forum is, in defense of anonymous from DC3's last post, DC3 if you weren't worried most of the time what you were going to run up and tell DC after the practice, you might be better suited to analyze what happens during the practice. really let the guy compete, give your eyes a rest from just fantasysing about DC and your fake relationship with him, and objectively write about what happens. It is pretty sad for a so called Dog fan, to have a man crush on a kid more then 7 years younger then him. I have heard of jail bait b4, but really in this context it just seems so much more wrong.

  8. Carr is better period. Much more upside.

  9. I have also only been able to attend a limited number of practices and have noticed Carr seems to be moving along very quickly for a Freshman and Colburn has a great understandig for the system (which he should). But after watching last nights scrimmage I must play devils advocate. "DC3" said in an earlier post "The bottom line is I want what's best for Fresno State, at the deepest of levels." Although RC and DC have the best arms and I agree that they are miles ahead of Feathers in the overal understanding of the game, I still think we need to be open minded about playing to our strengths. It is obvious that our OL is in need of some work after last nights scrimmage and previous practices I have seen. I would hate to see DC2 get thrust in there as a starter and get hammered (i.e. his brothers situation in Houston)
    all season long. It could kill a young QBS confidence. You have to admit that when Feathers gets on the field there is a complete new set of problems that face the opposing the "D". This could be the best option for the Dogs for the start of this season, Feathers is very capable of making short passes and is coming along with the longer stuff, but he adds an element the other two don't. Every time this guy gets outside the pocket he is a major threat. I hear a lot of talk about the lack of passing skills at practice. But last night, he once again had more explosive all round play than either of the other two. I am a firm believer that this guy is a gamer. Remember when you think of what makes a guy successful at this position is not always about how he can throw a pass, he has got to be able to make things happen. When you have a line that is playing like ours appears to be currently playing you have got to play to your strengths. Note:Mike Vick who was and is a pretty good QB (with an extremely tainted personel life) has a pass completion rating of 52%, yet we see a lot of the NFL teams going to some sort of the wildcat, pistol etc. Although I think Carr will proably get the Start, and is my pick, and Colburn is a great leader and player, I just want to make sure we don't push some talent under the carpet just because we don't see him throw great passes in practice. He could be the guy to get this motor running and take some pressure off the "O" line. Just thought I would throw out a differen't prospective.

  10. The guy up top is right. Even the bee is saying Colburn is winning the qb battle.

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  12. Hahaha, it's up to you whose analysis you trust more...


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