Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Doyel doesn't rule!

What's with this Gregg Doyel guy trying to come down with his hard-as-nails approach at Cincinnati and boise state?

While he certainly has a point that boise state has traditionally made its living by feasting on weak non-conference opponents, and because of that does not deserve a shot at the national title if it finishes the season undefeated, that's no reason to support the "haves" trying to keep the "have-nots" from joining the fray.

Why keep criticizing teams for their conference schedule? That's what is a waste of time. If schools like Fresno State and boise state had a chance to be in the Pac-10, they would jump at it. Then they'd both have better recruiting, an immensely larger budget (thanks to the BCS contracts), more attractive schedules that would garner more fans and attendance and they'd be able to hold on to great assistant coaches.

Speaking of Fresno State, Doyel lost all credibility by saying Oregon was boise state's best win and Bowling Green was its second-best win. Seriously Doyel, you think Bowling Green is better than Fresno State? Heck, one could argue Fresno State would beat Oregon this year, or Oregon State and Florida State (the other team you compared the Bulldogs to). The line on Fresno State vs. Bowling Green would be double digits -- if it were on the road.

National media is a big part of the reason why there's such a steep hill for schools from non-BCS conferences to climb in the first place. There are preseason magazines devoting pages upon pages of hype to even the nobodies from BCS conferences (think Washington State, Iowa State, Mississippi State, Syracuse, Baylor and half the Big East) while most teams from the WAC and Mountain West get a paragraph or three.

You turn on the TV and see constant coverage of usc, Florida, Texas -- same ol', same ol' -- and only see Fresno State news and highlights if the Bulldogs are still running undefeated. Think you'll hear another mention of Houston this year after its first loss? Nope, but you can bet you'll hear plenty more on Oklahoma State and Texas Tech (two teams Houston defeated this year, and two who cowardly backed out of a return game at Fresno State within the past decade).

It's time for the media to step up, and stop helping the injustices of college football continue.

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