Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Hangover - 'Dogs win 42-17 on the island

**The Sunday Hangover is a new day-after-the-game quick read reaction post that we will publish the day after each Fresno State football game. After a day and/or night of tailgating, beer drinking, partying, crying, cussing, cheering and celebrating, etc, combined with a short to long night to sleep on it, we will post the knee-jerk reactions of Bulldog Bounce bloggers, in three sentences or less each.

Reactions will range from entertaining, a waste of ___ seconds/minutes of your life, funny, boring, curse-laden and everything in between. Feel free to post yours in the comments below as well. It could be just about the previous day's game, the current state of the season, a play you can't get out of your head and want back, trash talk to the other team or anything else that you can connect the dots to make a connection to the Fresno State football team about.

(Update: a fourth comment has entered the mix) Some of us deal with the hangovers better than others, so for now, here are some initial reactions running through our heads:

"After such close and competitive games against top 10 teams, I wanted to believe that the 'Dogs were close to that level too, as the scores vs those teams would suggest. With our talent, we need and should get blowout wins in this conference and after a solid beat-down of hawaii, I'm pleased. More work to be done, but this was a nice step."

"IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!! Thank God for Bakersfield!!!"

"Great win for the 'Dogs on the island. I'm excited to see them against the rest of the WAC."

"Whew! That felt good. I'm not fond of hawaii dating back to Anthony Carter trying to pick fights with Chris Herren on the bball court and Ashley Lelie getting away with offensive interference in '01. Poor pass rush from everyone not named Carter and poor tackling by Zak Hill is still a major concern."

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