Friday, October 23, 2009

Is there a better running back than Ryan Mathews?

Someone please explain this Sports Illustrated midseason All-America team. It has an Alabama sophomore and a Pitt freshman first-team All-America, while Fresno State junior Ryan Mathews is second-team.

Mathews leads the nation in rushing yards, yards per game and is up there in yards per carry. He's definitely played comparable competition to the others. So why's he not ranked higher? You've got some explaining to do SI...

Make your argument here. Post a comment. Who's the best running back in the country, and why?

***Photo courtesy of Juan Villa


  1. Anyone who has not only seen Mathews' stats, but has also seen how he physically dominates defenses, would know Ryan is the best around.

    By naming him second team, they're admitting they haven't actually seen him carry the ball this season.

    Even Phil Steele can learn a lesson. Ryan was preseason second team on his list. WAC that is.

    He has him as a midseason 1st-team All-American now.

    See SI, even Phil can show competence from time to time.

  2. Ingram is deserving of 1st team AA but not Lewis. Mathews should be switched with Lewis and then they'd have a pretty solid 1st team.


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