Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Hangover: Bulldogs allow spartans to stay within 20, but use them as treadmill for Mathews

**The Sunday Hangover is a day-after-the-game quick read reaction post that we will publish the day after each Fresno State football game. After a day and/or night of tailgating, beer drinking, partying, crying, cussing, cheering and celebrating, etc, combined with a short to long night to sleep on it, we will post the knee-jerk reactions of Bulldog Bounce bloggers, in three sentences or less each.

Reactions will range from entertaining, a waste of ___ seconds/minutes of your life, funny, boring, curse-laden and everything in between. It could be just about the previous day's game, the current state of the season, a play you can't get out of your head and want back, trash talk to the other team or anything else that you can connect the dots to make a connection to the Fresno State football team about. Feel free to post yours in the comments below as well.

What about other odd things you might have noticed during the game's downtime?

  • For example, maybe you happened to look down at the field to see the spartans return following halftime and noticed Dick Tomey's youthful and bouncy gait as he galloped behind his team. People with white hair and wrinkles in the triple digits aren't supposed to move that way.
  • Or how about the 13 different 3 point turns by the guy driving the cart while trying to get to an injured san jose player, despite the fact that there were no walls, curbs or obstructions in his way.
  • Or the 11-year-old kid sitting in the red seats, wearing a Kellen Moore jersey getting mercilessly booed and heckled on his way up the stairs and out of the stadium. May as well have been a kick me sign on his back. We think his Kellen Moore fandom brought out the inner horse racing fan in him, and that he may have been in town to visit the ol' track at The Big Fresno Fair. Coincidentally, I'm guessing he'll have his money on horse No. 11.
  • And finally, a few of us got in a couple of good laughs when Fresno State shockingly inserted additional defensive backs (a pleasant surprise) on third down on two separate occasions, both times causing spartans QB Jordan La Secla to call a timeout due to mass confusion. Can't say we blame him.

As for the reactions to Fresno State's 41-21 win over san jose:

"Not overly impressed with our D. They are going to have to step it up if we are going to win out and I have to agree with the Matt James article this morning -- Ryan Mathews is the most talented football player we have ever had, hands down!
ps - I may change that opinion three years from now after watching Derek Carr lead us to three WAC titles and a bcs game ... hopefully!!"

"Winning is fun. Mathews leads the nation ... in talent. Get out of here with that Jahvid Best stuff. Bulldog Born! Bulldog Bred!

"Despite the fact that Fresno State is handing out charitable beatdowns to WAC rivals, I find myself salivating for more. The 20 point victory easily could have been double that. Jermaine Thomas, Travis Brown and some other young 'Dogs looked good. Oh, and as good as you think Derek Carr might be right now, he's better than that. On a side note, Ed Dillihunt, good decision. We like you (*spit)."

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  1. I was beyond stoked minutes prior to kickoff learning of Ed Dillihunt's decision to be a Bulldog. In recent weeks, his recruitment has become the team's biggest need with questionable depth at safety after Lorne Bell, Moses Harris and Phillip Thomas.

    Big ups to the Valley guy rockin' the Green V! And big ups to Mario at for being on top of the recruiting news.


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