Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heisman Vote - Fan Rankings


Let's try to get Ryan Mathews (college football's leading rusher) out from the bottom rank of this 14 player fan vote on espn.com

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It's obvious that Mathews has not been watched by the voters.

It also doesn't help that he missed significant playing time in his first 2 years.

Maybe these clips will open their eyes:

(Video above also includes Lonyae Miller and Robbie Rouse rushing plays)

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  1. It truly is mind boggling how any unbiased person could vote for a running back not named Ryan Mathews. The video is the only evidence necessary to close the case on who deserves Heisman. And if you consider who's most important to his team...sheesh, it's a runaway for Mathews (pun intended).


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