Monday, October 26, 2009

Upcoming opponents and their defensive ranks YPG


It's time for the Bulldogs offense to shine.

Here are the upcoming opponents for the 'Dogs and the corresponding defensive yards per game ranks (and the 'Dogs defense YPG). If the Fresno State can secure the football, they are capable of putting up huge numbers from here on out.

104. Illinois - 415.86 YPG

101. utah st. - 413.57 YPG

100. nevada - 413.43 YPG

92. idaho - 401.25 YPG

66. louisiana tech - 360.29 YPG

61. Fresno State - 353.86 YPG

Side note for Heisman candidacy: 12. boise state - 281.57 YPG. Ryan Mathews himself rushed for 234 yards all by his lonesome, with the help of the o-line of course.

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Stats provided by USA Today

***photo courtesy of Cary Edmondson


  1. Those stats from our upcoming opponents mean nothing if Pat Hill does not make a change at QB. The worst team in the WAC held down one of the top O's in the nation. The text book has been printed on how to stop the Dogs. Pat Hill better fiqure out how to take advantage of the 8 and 9 men in the box D or we will have a few L's against better competition. I said before in a post that this team will get to a point where we have to set up the run with the Pass. That time is NOW and Colburn does not appear to have the IT factor to get it done!!!! Its time to give Carr a shot!!!

  2. I agree, it will be tough to do anything against any team when they are stuffing the box with 8 or 9 guys. If Colburn can't hit his receivers in one on one coverage, then I agree by giving Carr a shot. Carr did look pretty solid when he was in. The zip in his ball was highly noticeable.

    To be fair to New Mexico State, their team defense may not be as bad as you think.... ranked 75th, giving up 369.50 YPG

  3. Wow, great research mizarkn. Here's the thing, this Bulldogs team is gonna rise as far as the defense can support it. The offense is the team strength; if the defense plays strong and hard-hitting like it did last week, it's going to be real tough for anyone to beat Fresno State.

    Anonymous makes a great point too though. The 'Dogs can't afford to have Colburn getting out to such a horrendous start. But hey, the Bulldog Bounce bloggers wrote at the beginning of the year about Colburn being more likely to make turnovers than Carr.


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