Friday, October 9, 2009

Surfing through some hawaiian sound bytes

Came across some quotes from hawaii coach Greg McMackin and a couple of his players after meeting with hawaii media members on Thursday. My reactions are in red. Anyone else have thoughts?

Oh, and a quick weather report (kind of) for those interested.

It's gonna be a one-on-one street fight. It's gonna be line it up, that's your man, that's my man and here we go. It's a one-on-one gameplan and they've got the best running back in the country but we are working very hard at that. --Greg McMackin, hawaii head coach
Can't argue with anything he said there, except for the fact that it won't technically be on a street, but rather a rock-hard greenish shade of turf with large amounts of trash in the form of silver hot dog wrappers, unused napkins and empty cans of spam blowing around all over the field.

Hard-nosed football -- they can hit. They're just gonna bring it, you know? If you don't step up to the plate, you're gonna get runned over. --Blaze
Soares, hawaii linebacker
First quote is the honest truth from him, which is usually how a hawaii player begins before he enters himself into sunshine, lollipops and rainbow land and drops a runned on us.

Let us continue our journey with the Blaze-meister.

I know we're ready. A lot of our guys like to hit, actually I think all of our guys like to hit.It's not gonna happen again. I put everything on it. That wasn't hawaii football, that was like Pop Warner football that we played [against louisiana tech]. We're a much better team. [Mathews is] a great athlete, but we're gonna play our best and he better play his best if he wants to ... we're gonna make him earn every
yard that he gets. That's something that we're gonna do.
Ready or not, hawaii at home is a different team, so we'll assume they're ready by default. And that was a nice piece of backtracking there by the American Gladiator wanna be (start watching at 1:07). If he wants to what Blaze? It's too late for you, I already sent Ryan the quote.

We just gotta do a much better job of filling those holes and just staying gap sound.
Thanks for the insight.

I don't see Fresno State even coming out and passing the ball, you know. I feel like they're just gonna try and play hard-nosed football and just pound that ball down our throats and we just gotta be ready for it. We're gonna bring it cause I'm not gonna let that ever happen again. I'm never gonna be embarrassed again like how we were embarrassed this past week.
At this point, I can't help but wonder why only now, after several horrific outings by the hawaii defense, did Blaze now decide he's capable of single-handedly preventing another meltdown? What's in those hawaiian lollipops? That being said, as much as I want to continue to trash talk this guy, Fresno State's history on the island only let's me get away with so much. It's been fun Blaze.

You know us local boys, you gotta throw your hands up and make a statement.
We're going for that one knockout punch, you know, make a big play in the
beginning and sit 'em down and let 'em never come back up. --Rocky
Oh you local boys, always making statements with your hands up in the air. Not my thing, but hey, I'm not one to judge. By the way, Rocky obviously isn't familiar with the phrase "No 'Dogs Down." Let's just hope it holds true for this game as well.

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