Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fresno State in national title game?

Yes, Fresno State is 1-3, but the bye week has left us with too much time to think. And that brings about a few what-ifs. Like, what if Fresno State -- with a schedule featuring two top 10 teams in the first four games this year -- was 4-0 right now?

What if Fresno State went undefeated this season, with wins at Wisconsin, vs. No. 5 Boise State, at No. 10 Cincinnati and at Illinois later in the year? That's a darn solid resumé. And if the 'Dogs did pull off the magical undefeated run (which we obviously now know they won't) it would be worthy of an appearance in the national title game.

But, does Boise State, with its schedule, deserve to play for the national championship when its undefeated season is complete? The Broncos won at home vs. an Oregon team that looked terrible, but now pulled off a stunning blowout of Cal. And the Broncos won at Fresno State, a team with a high-powered offense that should be much better than 1-3 at this point.

Today's Yahoo! story seems to think Boise State in the biggest of big BCS bowl games is a possibility. Do you?


  1. But just remember, if we had beat Cincinati and Boise St, they wouldn't be ranked 10th and 5th in the polls at the moment. Our schedule does deserve a National Championship shot more so than Utah and Boise St. BYU played Florida St and Oklahoma and their schedule can compare with ours. Houston beat Oklahoma St and Texas Tech so they too can compete with our schedule.

  2. I agree with the last post. Boise does not have a tough enough OOC schedule to warrent a team in the Nat'l Championship. There is no way BSU would be undefeated if they played a schedule that is deserving of a National Championship bid in my opinion. Great team and would still be in a BCS Bowl but not go undefeated.


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