Friday, September 4, 2009

Check out this Yahoo!

I sometimes wonder if some of these sports writers and/or TV personalities are really so clueless, or just trying to rile up fans?

Either way, there's no excuse to write about something you haven't done any research on. This Yahoo! story by Matt Hinton about Boise State's chances of going undefeated is just begging for a barrage of emails providing video links of Fresno State's running backs. Check out what Hinton wrote:

"As far as the prospects of slipping against a Fresno State, Tulsa or Hawaii go, that's really the only precedent, and none of those teams have anyone in the ballpark of Chris Johnson."

Hey Hinton, whatcha think about Ryan Mathews? This is just his true freshman year (search last year as well). And P.S., the Broncos will be more concerned with Nevada than Hawaii...

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