Sunday, September 6, 2009

Grading the 'Dogs (1-0) vs. UC Davis (0-1)

Quarterbacks: B
Didn't get to see much of the aerial attack, but Colburn's 92-yard TD to Moore provided some fun. How fitting to see Feathers jet for a 20-yard TD his first carry. Carr only got to throw twice with Hill not wanting to run up the score.

Running Backs: A
What's to fault? Six backs got into the action (even with Harding sidelined), including a freshman and two redshirt freshmen, and the 'Dogs racked up 310 yards and 5 TDs on 6 yards per carry. Mathews' 60-yard outburst was the highlight, but Rouse's 75 yards were eye-opening for many in Bulldog Stadium.

Receivers: A
Sure looked like new assistant Keith Williams has these guys prepared. Moore's 92-yard catch and run down the sideline was picture perfect, and the screen pass should be back in action.

Offensive Line: A
Better than expected. Protected the QBs all night and plowed ahead for the running game. At least 10 linemen saw playing time.

Defensive Line: B+
No sacks, but allowed just 45 yards rushing and harrassed the opposing QB throughout, leading to bad decisions and inaccurate passes. Brought the attitude back and led the charge.

Linebackers: A-
Herron's 94-yard TD was a highlight that will be long remembered. Freshmen Brown and Salinas got some valuable experience, though Brown made a couple rookie mistakes.

Defensive Backs: B+
No picks from this unit, but boosted aggressiveness from Dunn and Jefferson was the thing to look for. Green missed a tackle and gave up a huge play, but Bell's crushing hit makes up for it.

Special Teams: B-
Blocked punt by Wylie, punt returns by Wylie and kickoff for a touchback by Shapiro were beauties, but West running up to field a punt and botching it for a turnover was not a smooth move.

Coaching: A-
Gotta love Hill coaching with killer instinct and wanting to put up as many points as possible in the first half. Would have liked to seee Colburn stay in longer and get more than one half of seasoning to prep for Wisconsin road trip.


  1. You guys kicked our ass. 'nuff said. Hill's had a killer instinct for both halves, twice going for the TD in the fourth when up 51-0, classy.

  2. UC Davis Head Coach Bob Biggs
    On Fresno State: "They were doing what they wanted to do tonight. They probably felt like they were more physical than we were. They were a better football team. I thought Pat showed great sportsmanship by shutting it down and just running the ball during the fourth quarter. The missed field goal early put the air out of our sails. We couldn't find anything consistent and were out of rhythm. I give credit to Fresno State."

  3. This was a great game for PH as not only did he get a "W" but he was able to see some basics that need a little tweeking. I still have to question one thing, why are we not kicking the ball to the endzone on every kick off? I know we have the Kicker to do it as we booted one deep in the endzone Sat. night. Anyways maybe I am missing something and there is a reason to short kick. All in all This should be an exciting season to be a Dog fan.

  4. I think that's a great point about kickoffs, and one we discussed briefly in our game preview. Did you noticed Kevin Goessling and Andrew Shapiro split kickoff duties on Saturday? Shapiro, a walk-on RS freshman, is the one who kicked it to the end zone.

    While Goessling has a super power leg on field goals, he seems to kick short on kickoffs most always.


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